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    Latest news of
    Childhood Population-Based Cancer Registry
    Republic of Belarus

    U p d a t e   21.12.2004 year

    Sarcoma Meeting Stuttgart 2005
    "Next year we will hold the first ever meeting to bring together experts and colleagues from the various disciplines which deal with all types of sarcoma in all age groups. The second announcement and call for abstracts is now ready and the key speakers and moderators are internationally renowned experts in the fields."
    Sarcoma Meeting Stuttgart (SMS) 2005: June 15-17 2005, Stuttgart, Germany
    Interdisciplinary meeting on sarcoma in children, adolescents and adults
    For information please contact: Congress secretariat:
    Olgahospital, Postfach 103070, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany
    Tel: +49 711 992 2466
    Fax: +49 711 992 2462

    sms2005 2nd announcem.pdf
    SMS Fax.pdf

    Incidence of leukemia in children (0-14 years) in Belarus for period 1989-2003yy is decreased ...

    Incidence of AML in children (0-14 years) in Belarus for period 1989-2003yy is increased ...
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