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    Equipment and office space
      The managerial system by databases Microsoft SQL Server 2000 was choose as database for Childhood Population-Based Cancer Registry of Belarus. It answers all requirements presented to modern databases:
     -  client-server architecture.
     -  Data wholeness support.
     -  Suitable data access.
     -  Simultaneous transactions support.
     -  Developped and reliable systems of data autoarchivation.
      Architecture a client-server allows to organizine multiuser mode of access to data, that enables simultaneous functioning with given many users from different computers. Terms a client and server are refered to client level software and server of database. Software of server processes requests processes requests, initializated by software of client.
      Software of client addresses to software of server by means of special language of the outline requests (SQL Structured Query Language), on which is described problem list, executed by server. Requests of users are taken by server and generate processes of data processing on it. In answer an user gets already processed a kit of data. Us were designed several applied programs, which allow to contribute given in base and extract them and conduct preliminary statistical processing. Applied programs were developped with using a programming system Borland Builder C++5.0 and Microsoft Visual Basic for Application 6.0. Exchange given between IMS and applied programs is realized by means of technologies ODBC (Open Data Base Conectivity). Using this technology does access to given simple and allows to get given in exhibits Microsoft Officce (Word and Exel) and in statistical package Statictica 6.0 by StatSoft, that is suitable for quick getting the different types of reports, consolidated tables, graphs and an ing the polyhedral statistical studies.
      For installing a database on server computer was used computer with following deskside:
     -  Processor Intel PentiumII - 500Mh .
     -  Operative memory - 128 Mb.
     -  Hard disk - 10Gb.
     -  VideoAdapter with permit not worse than standard VGA.
     -  Network card.
     -  Operating system - Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
      For installing a database on client computer was used computer with minimum following deskside:
     -  Processor Intel Pentium - 166 , Intel Pentium-III 1000, Intel PentiumIV - 1700, 2400 Mh .
     -  Operative memory - 32, 64, 128, 256 Mb.
     -  Hard disk - 2, 20, 40 Gb.
     -  VideoAdapter with permit not worse than standard VGA.
     -  Network card.
     -  Operating system - Microsoft Windows 98, 2000.
      For building to network (physical ambience of data base communications) was also used cable system made with using wine and active equipment (concentrators).
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